Teaching Methodology

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Teaching Methodology

The training programs are designed to suit for the experienced and non-experienced candidates.


WQC provides quality training based on industrial standards with proper theoretical and practical sessions. WQC believes the transfer of learning from classroom, practical workstation is the hallmark of quality education.

  • The theoretical sessions includes lectures, PowerPoint presentations and handouts.
  • Workshops are conducted for students to analyze the problem in practical situation.
  • Industrial project examples are provided to the students for understanding how the process works in the related industry.
  • Students have access to Institute's computer and Internet facilities, enabling them in data searches and computer-aided decision making.
  • Industrial internship program for all the students.

Assessment And Delivery

The assessments conducted during the training period help the students to understand their status of knowledge on the subject. It helps them to improve their knowledge standards with the help of faculties in WQC. Delivery strategies focus & reflect the nature of employment within the Oil and Gas Industry by encouraging learners to research and carry out assessment in the industry or in simulated working conditions.

Student Mentorship Program

WQC provides education at par with international standards through class room training and continuous exchange of information with industry professionals to foster professional excellence in design and execution of technical skills of our students. In our endeavor to further our above philosophy we are pleased to announce one more initiative Students Mentorship program for our students' fraternity. WQC is the pioneer institute in launching the first of its kind initiative to help students gain maximum practical exposure from the industry.

About Mentorship

Mentorship is a program long activity in which a student gets attached to a function specific expert for gaining real life experiences during his/her program. It provides an excellent opportunity to a student to value add his/her class room learning with real life learning from finest industry experts. Under the program, a student gets attached to an expert and he/she is required to spend mutually agreeable time with his/her mentor every month. The student is required to submit a detail report to his/her faculty summarizing his/her learning from such meetings within seven days of meeting with the mentor. A student is required to freeze his/her learning objectives and an agenda of the meeting at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting in consultation with his/her faculty who in turn will send the same to the mentor. The learning/ findings as recorded by a student will be measured by WQC faculty on a scale of 1 to 10 and will assign marks to the student for this specific activity.

Benefits To The Mentor

  • This program gives an opportunity to the mentor to share his/her functional experiences with the mentee and guide them to become a better professional tomorrow.
  • It gives a platform to contribute to the noble cause of education.
  • It gives the mentor a status of adjunct (visiting) faculty in the concerned areas of specialization to supplement learning.

Benefits To Mentee

  • It helps student to connect his class room learning's with the real life professional situations.
  • It provides him/her a platform to continuously assimilate the functional experiences of industry honchos and do value addition to his/her professional growth
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